In this time of unprecedented change, we have the opportunity to respond to uncertainty with our best, to hold true to our core values, and to move forward with confidence, purpose, and strength.

At Galatea, we have long believed that real strength starts from within. Over the past six months, we have held true to this core value and transformed our branding to more closely reflect the inner strength, beauty, and confidence that your patients desire. After all, predictable performance, steadfast support, and strength at the surgical repair site are why the Galatea Collection of P4HBTM Scaffolds were developed.

We are very excited to introduce new logos for Galatea Surgical and the GalaFLEX Collection of Scaffolds. Based on input from you, our customer, the new images are modeled in health and beauty, speaking to the elegance, optimism, and expertise inherent in every plastic and reconstructive surgical procedure.

The new Galatea Surgical logo builds upon our existing brand-identity by maintaining the familiar typeface that honors the Greek myth at the heart of the Galatea Surgical brand. The robust breadth and architecturally inspired letters embody the strength and stability that Galatea scaffolds provide.

The new GalaFLEX image was designed to be familiar to those who know and trust the existing GalaFLEX brand, with the recognizable GalaFLEX pink and a simplified tagline “P4HB Scaffold”.

Presenting Two New Names

At the same time, the product names of our 3D products have changed. GalaSHAPE® 3D and GalaFORM® 3D will now be known as GalaFLEX 3D™ and GalaFLEX 3DR™ respectively. It's important to understand that other than the ink on the package, these scaffolds remain the exact same products that you know, trust, and use. We are making these changes to simplify how you describe and educate your patients on the GalaFLEX scaffold collection.

Nothing is more important to us than our long-standing partnership with the plastic surgery community. We are embracing this time and making the commitment to continue to strengthen our connection with you. No matter what changes come our way, Galatea’s greatest strength will always be the important relationship we have with you, our partners.

You should expect to see the brand changes being rolled out over the next several weeks. We are excited by this new direction and look forward to your feedback.

Andrew Joiner
President and Chief Executive Office, Galatea

P.S. These are exciting times at Galatea Surgical and we’ve got some more news to share with you in the coming weeks and months. To be the first to hear about these announcements, plus sharable patient-facing content, be sure to follow us on our social media feeds listed below.

Indications for Use

GalaFLEX, GalaFLEX 3D, and GalaFLEX 3DR are indicated for use as a bioresorbable scaffold for soft tissue support and to repair, elevate, and reinforce deficiencies where weakness or voids exist that require the addition of material to obtain the desired surgical outcome. This includes reinforcement of soft tissue in plastic and reconstructive surgery, and general soft tissue reconstruction.

Important Safety Information

Possible complications include recurrence of the soft tissue defect, infection, seroma, pain, scaffold migration, wound dehiscence, adhesions, hematoma, inflammation, and extrusion.

For complete safety information and source references visit

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