The Story of Galatea

The story begins in ancient Greece with Pygmalion, the mythical King of Cyprus. Unable to find true love, the young king dedicated his life to the arts and sculpture. Using his mastery of the arts, he carved a statue from ivory of the most perfect woman he could imagine. He was so taken with the beauty that he had created, he fell in love and named the statue Galatea. He would gently kiss the statue each day to show his love. His adoration attracted the attention of the Goddess Aphrodite who brought the sculpture to life. Pygmalion and Galatea lived their true love for the rest of their days. At Galatea Surgical, we share Galatea’s dedication to creating enduring examples of strength and beauty. Partnering with the surgical community, we strive to create examples of strength and beauty that stand the test of time.


Galatea Surgical, Inc. is passionate about bringing your patient’s strength and beauty to life through reinforcement of weak and compromised tissue with innovative solutions for soft tissue support. The Galatea team has created a portfolio of optimized soft tissue support devices utilizing a non-cadaveric, non-human, non-animal, non-synthetic, biologically derived and fully absorbable material: poly-4- hydroxybutyrate (P4HB™) that delivers on the belief that real strength starts from within.

GalaFLEX Vision

To forever change the standard of care in plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures, enriching patients’ lives.

GalaFLEX Mission

To become the standard soft tissue support solution for both plastic and reconstructive surgeons and patients.

To collaborate with scientists, engineers, surgeons, and patients to identify opportunities for innovative scientific approaches supported by evidence-based medicine that meet and exceed core surgeon and patient needs.

Galatea Surgical is proud to be a wholly owned subsidiary of Tepha, Inc.

Tepha, Inc.

Tepha Inc., founded in 1998 and headquartered in Lexington, MA, is a supplier of medical devices focused on its proprietary P4HB polymer technology. Tepha’s products are designed and developed to elevate, support and reinforce soft tissue as well as to stimulate tissue healing and regenerative processes. Commercial scaffolds and suture products based on Tepha’s absorbable P4HB polymer technology are currently utilized in general, orthopedic, and plastic and reconstructive surgery.

As of 2019, there have been 29 regulatory clearances for products made from P4HB, including the Galatea collection of biologically derived scaffolds. To date, over 3 million patients have been implanted with P4HB devices worldwide and over 60 clinical and scientific papers have been published.

Tepha Mission

At Tepha, our vision has always been a simple one – to be the leader in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. We advance surgeons’ ability to make structural repairs to the human body with unrivaled biomaterials that become much like the tissue that surrounds them; products that can be tailored to meet untold applications across the spectrum of surgical repairs.

Tepha Medical Devices