Galatea Surgical, Inc.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Tepha, Inc., Galatea Surgical, Inc. was acquired in 2012 with the commitment to enhance and extend the life of aesthetic procedures through the use and application of a next generation in biomaterials, P4HB™ (poly-4-hydroxybutyrate) Biopolymer. By providing both patients and surgeons monofilament, bioresorbable devices that enable the patient’s own body to generate new tissue, a stronger repair can be obtained with the goal of achieving longer, more enduring results. With its proprietary monofilament, bioresorbable scaffold, Galatea Surgical is “where science meets art.”

Tepha, Inc.

Tepha, Inc. is a medical device firm pursuing the development, manufacture, and commercialization, of innovative products based on the company’s proprietary biomaterial technology. Built upon the knowledge of MIT scientists, the technology provides a new class of absorbable biomaterials for medical applications, known as PHAs, which may be tailored to meet unmet needs for medical devices in multiple fields. Tepha’s novel, biosynthetically produced material offers superior performance in flexibility, elasticity, and biocompatibility; and, for its fiber-based products, excellent tensile strength and strength retention. TephaFLEX® polymer, constructed of P4HB, is the first of the company’s PHA materials to be used in FDA cleared medical devices. Products made from TephaFLEX® polymer include surgical suture, surgical mesh, surgical film, and a composite mesh. Devices that are currently in development could lead to more complex products, including devices for anterior cruciate ligament repair, intracardiac defect closure, and absorbable cardiovascular stents.

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