Actual GalaFLEX LITE product on solid pink background

A lightweight, low-profile P4HB scaffold, designed for anatomical compliance, to provide predictable, restorative strength.

Soft Meets Strength

In preclinical studies, GalaFLEX LITE showed rapid tissue regeneration, resulting in a new tissue plane twice the strength of the native tissue. GalaFLEX LITE retains strength, supporting and reinforcing the surgical repair for a year.

Long-lasting Soft Tissue Support

Tissue integrity is reliant upon the maturation of Type I Collagen which begins around 3 weeks and continues for up to 2 years.27

GalaFLEX LITE scaffolds maintain greater than 50% strength at 90 days while supporting collagen deposition, organization, and strengthening tissue*. Rapidly absorbing scaffolds that degrade quickly may result in premature loading of immature collagen and fail to provide long-term support.

FLEX Your Choices

GalaFLEX LITE expands your choices of P4HB scaffolds to meet your clinical needs for plastic and reconstructive surgery that supports, elevates, and reinforces your soft tissue repairs.

The Galatea collection of scaffolds offers a unique
combination of properties that are optimal for soft tissue
reinforcement in plastic and reconstructive surgery:

A lightweight scaffold option with similar performance that you have come to expect from GalaFLEX.
Biologically Derived
Produced by a safe biological fermentation process standard in pharmaceutical production.12, 17
Designed to minimize risk of infection and
encourage a natural healing response.3, 15
Provides a lattice for new tissue ingrowth and
regeneration resulting in tissue 2x stronger than
native tissue. 1,2
Naturally broken down to CO2 and H2O and absorption is essentially complete by 18-24 months.1,4
Predictable Performance
Promotes healing and stability due to rapid integration and a predictable strength and absorption profile. 1,2

Indications for Use

GalaFLEX LITE scaffold is intended to reinforce soft tissue where weakness exists in patients undergoing plastic and reconstructive surgery, or for use in procedures involving soft tissue repair, such as the repair of fascial defects that require the addition of a reinforcing or bridging material to obtain the desired surgical result.

GalaFLEX LITE Scaffold Monofilament Construction – Photo 20x

The GalaFLEX LITE P4HB Scaffold Collection

The Galatea Collection of Scaffolds offers you a full portfolio of sizes and shapes for each patient’s surgical needs.