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Applications of PHAs in Medicine and Pharmacy.

Simon F. Williams, PhD and David P. Martin, PhD

Biopolymers Online 2005

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Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) are a class of naturally occurring polyesters that are produced by a wide variety of different microorganisms (Steinb¸chel,1991). Although they are derived biologically, the structures of these polymers bear a fairly close resemblance to some of the synthetic absorbable polymers currently used in medical applications. Owing to their limited availability, the PHAs have remained largely unexplored, yet these polymers offer an extensive range of properties that extend far beyond those currently offered by their synthetics counter-parts.


Dr. Simon Williams is a Consultant to Tepha, Inc. and a member of the Tepha Board of Directors. Dr. David Martin is the Chief Scientific Officer of Tepha, Inc.