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Bioskills Training: 

Features a half-day didactic and cadaveric bioskills course, taught by one or more of our physician proctors.  This course provides the surgeon with a fundamental understanding of Galatea scaffolds, their history and applications, the science and application of the P4HB™ polymer and applications of Galatea scaffolds, as well as a live proctor-narrated surgical technique demonstration.  Afterwards, surgeons are taken into the lab and provided with the opportunity to implant Galatea scaffolds in a cadaveric environment.

Young Doctors in Group


Offers the opportunity to attend one of our many physician proctor sites and observe cases where a Galatea scaffold has been selected for a specific patient.  The preceptorship is a nice opportunity to have a more private learning experience, to ask questions and understand the specifics on patient selection, patient presentation, surgical techniques and outcomes.

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Feel like you have the fundamentals down, but want to know a little more?  For those who want to talk to one of our physician proctors for specific questions, we are available to help.

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