Because Healing is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Tissue integrity is especially vulnerable during the first 90 days of regeneration until collagen fully matures, a process that continues for up to 2 years.[27] Therefore, it is important to select a scaffold that supports collagen deposition, organization, and strengthening at critical time points during the healing process.

GalaFLEX is a long-acting scaffold providing lasting support during the wound healing
period.[2] It is designed specifically for strength retention and provides a lattice for new tissue ingrowth.[2,9] GalaFLEX encourages the maturation of strong connective tissue and then gradually transfers the repair load to the new ingrown tissue over the course of a year.[2]


GalaFLEX Scaffold Integration

  • Type III Collagen is immature, thin, and unorganized collagen that functions as a
    temporary support mechanism in wound repair. Following surgery, Type III formation
    begins at 1 week and continues for up to 1 year.[27,28]
  • Type I Collagen is mature collagen that contributes significantly to the durability and
    long-term strength of healed tissue by providing strength, support, and thickness to
    the tissue. Following surgery, Type I formation begins at 3 weeks and continues for up
    to 2 years.[27]

The unique knit pattern of the monofilament scaffold encourages rapid cellular infiltration and new collagen formation.[1,23] This newly formed tissue is pliable yet provides strength, support and stability to the elevated tissue.[2,9] After 18-24 months, the scaffold is essentially completely absorbed and eliminated from the body as water and carbon dioxide through natural physiologic pathways.[2] No polymer metabolites remain after the degradation process is complete. The collagen tissue that remains is 2-4 times the original tissue strength.[2,9]

Hydrolysis cross-section



Supported Tissue is Stronger Tissue

Rapidly absorbing scaffolds that degrade quickly may result in premature loading of immature collagen and fail to provide long-term support. GalaFLEX scaffolds provide long-term support and maintain greater than 80% strength at 90 days stabilizing the repair site.[2]